Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENCO)

Sometimes a child needs extra help to enable them to reach their developmental potential. This may be due to many different factors including hearing or communication difficulties, difficulties with social skills or physical delays.

It is the job of the SENCO for our setting to make sure that all children get the help they need. With parental permission, the SENCO will co­ordinate additional support and liaise with parents and other professionals who are involved. The SENCO is also responsible for the day-to-­day operation of the school's Special Educational Needs (SEN) policy.

As well as trained SENCOs, we also have Communication Champions at Peapod, supporting the communication needs of all our children. Please refer to Communication Hub for more details. 


Sam is SENCO for our Sweet Peas room.


Our sensory suitcase is full of resources: from chatter boxes, microphone and walkie talkies to assist with communication and games to support confidence and social skills.


Fran is SENCO for our Petits Pois room.